RFID and Industrial IoT Consulting

Capture data about the location and status of objects and successfully automate processes

Getting hands on real-time information about the current status of your objects in your supply chain is a key part in realizing a successful digitalisation strategy. Auto-ID solutions using radio.based transmission such as UHF RFID and other innovative "Industrial Internet of Things" technologies are helping you to efficiently capture the needed data.

Given the fact that every company's processes is unique, our aim is to collaboratively identify value creation potential within your processes. Focus of our consulting is the implementation of future-proof, secure solutions that are hand-tailored to your needs. We work in an agile, transparent manner and have a love for non-proprietary solutions.

As an experienced technology & consulting partner, Lambda ID offers you:

  • Expert knowledge on radio-based Iot-capturing technologies
  • Identification and evaluation of digitallisation use cases
  • Concept and design of tailored IoT-Solutions and implementation of proof of concepts
  • Requirement analysis for HW- and SW-Interfaces
  • Evaluation and selection of technology providers
  • Design of IIoT and UHF RFID solutions in rough enviroments
  • Optimize and expand existing UHF RID installations