Founding Team

The 3 founders of Lambda ID are experts ever since in the field of UHF RFID, the first core technology of the Internet of Things (IoT).

During their many years of practical project experience in various industries they again and again proved how combine IIoT technologies in an effective way. The cost-effective and established UHF RFID technology still plays a strong part in most of Lambda ID's projects.
All three founders share the passion to relentlessly take advantage of the constant advancements in technology that are opening up new application areas.

Their focus always lays on an efficient integration into the IT landscape and the processes of the customers. The use of worldwide recognized standards is a matter of course to ensure a smooth, future-proof integration into the world of Industry 4.0.

Falk already began developing and testing the technology's many potential applications in the retail and logistics sectors while studying economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2003. UHF RFID technology was still in its early days and he had the chance to participate at the forefront at Metro Group's “Future Store Initiative”.

After an excursion to Lufthansa and completing his training as a commercial pilot, in 2011 his enthusiasm for the high-potential technology took  him back to the innovation sector .
Since then, he has implemented numerous national and international RFID projects in retail, logistics and production as project manager for his customers. The experience he gained in the aviation sector in regard to secure processes helps him to realize projects in industries with similarly high demands on process quality in the interest of his customers.

Fabian first came into contact with the advantages of radio-based, automated detection of components through his diploma thesis in the automotive sector. In this thesis he investigated the possibilities of an integration of RFID transponders during production process of components made of composite materials. The wide range of possible application areas for this at the time quite new technology convinced him to stick to the field of IoT. After graduating from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg he continued to explore and develop new fields of IoT application in customer projects at his subsequent professional stations.

Fabian is still enthusiastic about technically challenging tasks in the field of production and manufacturing and finding creative and functional solutions for his customers requirements.

Knowledge transfer from already successfully implemented projects and made experiences no matter from which industry serves as a steady driver in bringing digitization projects to a success.

Mauricio evolved his passion for radio-based IoT via an education at a technical college in the USA and his subsequent studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a working student he joined the IT subsidiary of Metro AG in 2005, helping to explore the technical possibilities and limitations of using UHF RFID. Enthused by the opportunity to become part of the pioneering work in the field of RFID technology, which was worldwide unique at the time, he seized the opportunity and dedicated himself full-time to the Metro Group's FutureStore Initiative in 2008. In 2010, he moved to the European EPC Competence Center to further deepen his knowledge and implement it in customer projects for users and manufacturers, most recently in the position of a Technical Manager.